Monday, 9 November 2009

UAF Statement on racist attacks at city university

We the undersigned are shocked and disturbed by the racist attacks on Asians and Muslims studying at City University in Islington. We call on people of all community backgrounds to come together in unity and solidarity against the racists who seek to divide and weaken us all.

The attacks on Muslims and Asians cannot be separated from the increase in racist and Islamophobic discourse in wider society and the rise of the fascist British National Party. The BNP's leader Nick Griffin calls Islam a "vicious, wicked faith" and a "mortal enemy of all our fundamental values". These words of hate give racist thugs the confidence to go out and attack Muslims on the streets.

We are proud of the multiracial and multicultural society we live in, and the atmosphere of peace and mutual respect that has been built up over the years. Accordingly we condemn the attacks on City University students, condemn the climate of hatred against Muslims that encourages these attacks – and condemn the fascist BNP for its role in whipping up racist bigotry and violence on our streets.

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