Monday, 5 October 2009

Coming Soon!!! - A return to the Iran debate with Sukant Chandan

Coming Soon......A return to the Iran Debate with Sukant Chandan

Many of you may remember a debate that started between myself and Sukant Chandan a few months ago when the Iranian election crisis took place, on facebook. It started when he responded to an article I wrote that criticised the Iranian regime for it's brutal repression and supported the popular movement. Much to my discredit I failed to continue the debate, largely because I have a massive distain for online debating.

However, I have decided that it's an important debate that should be continued and therefore in the next couple of days I will be writing a new response to Chandan. To give you a little taster, or if you missed the debate before, below are the links to the facebook notes. Watch this space.

My first article :

Sukant Chandan's Response:

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